For Tati S. Titch and Anna Kim, first comes a message. Every place gets one of its own. Started with “So do I” written with 115 geo-tags over the map of Moscow, Tati's project has now evolved into “Imagine”, a word of 88 “pins” covering the entire island of Cyprus. “So do I” was to remind a viewer of the fact, that his or her attitude towards the city is mirrored back at them. Inits turn, “Imagine” refers to John Lennon's iconic song about the world with no boundaries. The island, a unity tragically divided into two parts by the border between Northern and Southern Cyprus, is a perfect place to remember Lennon's timeless message.

On a smaller scale, this project develops a method of exploring the world by means of art. It is a way of travelling that involves creation, rather than consumption. The artist establishes connection with a certain place on Earth: observing it, being inspired by its unique features, and then channeling its spirit into a piece of art.

“Imagine” is a collaboration between two artists: Tati S. Titch, working with the medium of instant photography, and Anna Kim (www.anya.kim), a mixed media artist and paintor. Hors format combination of their pieces sometimes include artifacts found on locations: fallen leaves, dried flowers, little stones of even small animals' bones. The outcome is best described as freestyle, multi-dimensional collage. Each piece is then photographed and published on a dedicated website, where a visitor can view it on Google Maps, connected to the exact spot of its origin. Along each piece may come photographs, videos, texts and other virtual artifacts from each location.